the original snow white (wish_uwerehere) wrote in hollywood_style,
the original snow white


Age: 15
Location: Manila, the Philippines
Hobbies Dance (ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop), Playing the violin, Playing the guitar, Playing the piano, Acting (drama groups or productions), Reading, Writing poetry, Shopping, Singing, Playing Tennis, Jogging, and Doing any type of art.
Sterotypically, how would you identify yourself? I think I would say I'm the girl you see in class, half doodling, half listening, but in the end cramming for exams while juggling dance practice, violin, and guitar lessons.

The Important Stuff

What are your talents? Tell us which shows you've been in, etc. A resume is what we need.
I've been dancing since the age of 4. I started off with ballet and later progressed to tap, jazz, modern, and hip hop. I've even tried ballroom dancing. I dance with Ballet Philippines, the national ballet company where I live, and have been in several productions of the Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, and Peter Pan. I have been playing the violin since the 4th grade and am currently preparing for a solo recital in March, which I'm terrified for! I was currently in my school's production of "Pippin'" and have been in other productions such as "The Jungle Book," "The Wiz," and "Little Women." I started playing the guitar last year and am LOVING IT! :) I was in the choir from 3rd to 8th grade. In High School I found that my classes didn't leave me room for it, as I opted to take Orchestra. I love writing poetry (I do it quite often), and I love making art, as it gives me an outlet to express myself.

Describe your personality. Describe what you're like around others. What do you love to do? I'm quite the quirky one in my group of friends. I suggest random things to do, which usually don't end up happening, but it's fun to think about them anyway. I'm a daydreamer, and I use my cellphone to record ideas I come up with while walking or jogging or even shopping. I guess I'm the type of person who is shy and cautious around people I don't know, but once I become friends with them, I really open up to them. I like to take charge in groups, but usually sharing the leadership with someone else as I like hearing others ideas. :):)

Define cotton candy(Please type as much as you can, to reflect your personality.): Cotton candy is the same shade as the pink tutus I wore when I was still a kid. Its sweet, dissolving taste on my tongue reminds me of my childhood days of carnival fairs and school outings where everyone would buy cotton candy from a street vendor. Cotton candy brings back fond childhood memories that I have folded into a paper star and thrown into my still-empty night sky.


^I'm at the very front.

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