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Name: Sarah Wick
Age: 17
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hobbies: Singing, guitar, dance, acting, painting, writing, playing shows, writing songs, designing and musicals.
Sterotypically, how would you identify yourself?: I would have to say i am the petite girl in the back of a show, nodding her head to the music. i've gotten a sort of 'emo' reputation--but let's just say i'm scene without the attitude.

What are your talents? I am a singer above all. I got in to a program over the summer for vocal music that's a bitch to get into, and I sing in chorus and do the musicals at my school. I've been in 42nd Street, Aladdin, Once on This Island, Oliver!, The Wiz (I was Glinda) and this year we're doing Footloose and I'm Ariel. :)! I have danced since I was 7 years old (ballet, jazz, hiphop, character, modern) I do paintings for people's houses and apartments, I write a lot of songs and poetry, I've played violin for 12 years and guitar for three. I also love to do photography, especially the human form.

Describe your personality. Describe what you're like around others. What do you love to do? I'm spunky. I'm quick-witted with my friends, laugh with a huge laugh for such a small girl, and take a lot of pictures. I'm always singing. At school, when I'm not around people I know very well, I can get really shy and self-conscious, but i've been working on it. It's hard being a theater girl in a private school--and i've had my times of self-doubt.

Define cotton candy The last time I had cotton candy it was the cheap stuff in the bag at it wasn't the same as when I used to have it. I acutally, believe it or not, had it a lot in Iowa when I was a kid. I've never lived there, but my WHOLE family is from Iowa, so every summer when my grandfather was submitting his giant squash to the state fair, I would wander off and buy some. It's independence and childhood at the same time for me.

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